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Amazing incubators in India for social Entrepreneurs!

Mar 16, 2019

Amazing incubators in India for social Entrepreneurs!
Amazing incubators in India for social Entrepreneurs! | Photography: Business Standard

Social entrepreneurship has not been new to India. Right from Gandhi’s swadeshi philosophy that stressed upon utilizing local resources and minimalistic living practices, there has been a lot of emphasis in our country on sustainable living long before the word became a trending phenomenon worldwide.

The world is presently seeing the effects of an economy-driven development that does not focus on the impact that the development has created on the surroundings. There are all kinds of scarcities that are rising and the future generation is in danger of not being able to live a natural life in harmony with nature.

Today, after decades of industrialisation and the technology boom, India is again getting back to a boom in social enterprises. Our roots and our culture has always emphasised on this and so it does come naturally for us to be inclusive and think of our surroundings when we do any work. This is working in our favour today.

For budding social enterprises or for aspiring social entrepreneurs, support and backing is very crucial. Here are some of the most popular organisations that are working towards uplifting and supporting innovative and sustainable businesses.

Action for India

Action for India has been a leading organisation that strives to provide the right kind of guidance and resources to potential social enterprises in order to help the enterprises grow to their fullest extent. The Silicon Valley Challenge that lets the winners spend 10 days in the Silicon Valley is a great platform for many social enterprises to get the right kind of nudge. Their fellowship for social entrepreneurs which offers mentorship is also very popular.

Deshpande Foundations

Deshpande Foundations works on the belief that an innovative and sustainable solution to problems faced by our society is the only way forward for us. In order to nurture and develop such solutions into full-fledged, functioning enterprises, this foundation provides the right guidance to entrepreneurs to hone their skills and achieve what they strive for.

Rural Technology and Business Incubator

The Rural Technology and Business Incubator (RTBI) was set up in 2006. It is an initiative taken by the Indian Institute of Technology. This organisation supports rural and social enterprises that empower the underprivileged and provide sustainable solutions. They offer mentorship and guidance as well as help with funding and provide financial advice.

Upaya Social Ventures

With a goal to put a full stop to poverty in India, Upaya Social Ventures is focussed on providing a helping hand to those who need it the most. 

They work on seed funding, gainful employment, business development, etc and help organisations stabilize themselves in the current scenario. Their all-round support ensures that their beneficiaries get enough resources and time to achieve their goals and move forward. 


Ennovent was started in 2008 with the aim of supporting those who were focussed on using innovation to empower the people from the lower economic strata. The organisation has grown thereafter to become a global organisation that supports start-ups, entrepreneurship and social enterprises. Their impact-driven vision has brought out hundreds of innovative businesses and products to the fore.

Khosla Labs

Khosla Labs in Bangalore is a firm that believes that entrepreneurs and innovators are the people who will change the way the world works and solve the most pressing problems. In line with this, they help innovators take their ideas forward by providing ample technical and financial support. They have supported some of the best social enterprises in India to establish themselves.


Dasra focuses on sanitation, women empowerment and governance as the main areas that need to be dealt with in our country. This organisation offer research facilities, support, consultation and mentorship for social projects and enterprises.