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Why visit a Store when their is a B2B market place!

Mar 02, 2019

Why visit a Store when their is a B2B market place!
Why visit a Store when their is a B2B market place! | Photography:

Oh, how we wish there was a better way to buy products and services in India without physically going from shop to shop or from place to place to check and compare quality and prices!

With so many things to do in life, we’re finding less and less time. Even going around to look for and buy items is becoming a daily challenge for us. Is there way to do things differently?

Yes! There’s a brilliant method called B2B marketplace! But what really is this B2B marketplace? And what are the great and juicy benefits of using this method?

Let’s start by explaining what this awesome method is!

What is a B2B marketplace?

It’s a huge and wide online place that acts a place where wholesalers, suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and customers meet together under one huge umbrella with one thing in common—to buy and sell products and services.

And it’s really a huge and wide market! Just imagine all these people meeting at one place with one common business goal! This online place operates 24/7 both locally and internationally!

Now that we know what this amazing method is, we’re now going to talk about the various benefits of buying on B2B.

Benefits of buying on B2B marketplace

Time and energy are precious items that you want to save and use wisely in life. This B2B marketplace has the benefit allowing you as a customer to find, check, analyze and compare a product or service from the comfort of your home or office.

Gone are the days when you had to move from place to place looking for products and services!

You can buy at reduced prices!

This online market is a huge and endless marketplace. And what does this do to competition and prices? It creates immense competition among the sellers of goods and services.

And because of this competition, sellers are forced to reduce prices, offer massive discounts and better deals in order to attract and entice customers to buy their products and services. And that’s the benefit of buying things on this B2B online marketplace!

You can buy on wholesale prices as a customer

Chances are that you can buy items in huge amounts at a wholesale price. Wholesalers normally sell things in units or in bulk.

They will tell you that if you buy so much or so many, you’ll get items at a wholesale price. In this case, even a customer like you can purchase goods at attractive wholesale prices!

It’s easy to get quotations online!

Perhaps one thing you hate doing is going from shop to shop asking for quotations. But this online B2B buying platform enables you as a customer to request for as many quotations from online sellers as you want. And you can then select a quotation that suits your personal requirements and your budget.

And you won’t experience the trouble of talking with shopkeepers who ask questions. You’re spared from answering questions like, “What’s your number?” or “What’s your budget?”

It’s better than TV, radio, newspaper adverts!

Gone are the days when you had to find out about products and services only through TV, Radio, newspapers or magazines!

In the comfort of your home, you can get information about any product or service you want right on your phone or computer!

TV, radio, newspapers or magazines may advertise a product or service, but they won’t give you the widest national or international platform to choose from like this amazing B2B marketplace!

Moreover, TV, radio, newspapers or magazines can’t give you prices of goods and services being sold by other competing businesses. But on B2B marketplace, you’re able to compare so many prices.

Which TV, radio, newspapers or magazines would accommodate all the thousands upon thousands of products and services that are being sold in India and abroad by different businesses and companies? But B2B is able to do all that!

You can get an endless a variety of goods and services!

Customers can check and buy virtually any product and service they want within and outside India. Look at this variety of products and services you may get:

  • Hotel bookings
  • Wedding master of ceremony
  • Taxi or flight services
  • Household and goods furnishing
  • Food and agricultural products
  • Computers and electronic gadgets
  • Personal and entertainment products
  • Vehicle parts and industrial products e.t.c

In fact, buying things a on B2B marketplace helps to globalize any business you can think of!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone! Or switch on your computer! No need to go from place to place when there’s an online B2B marketplace with so many benefits!