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Experience Real Chinese Breakfast At Little China Town Tiretti In Kolkata

Mar 30, 2018

Experience Real Chinese Breakfast At Little China Town Tiretti In Kolkata
Experience Real Chinese Breakfast At Little China Town Tiretti In Kolkata | Credit: MissionSharingK

Thinking about a lunch or dinner at any restaurant or looking for some delicacy which most of the people in the group would relish? The first choice anyone will settle with would be Chinese cuisine! Chinese food is one of the most famous and sought-after cuisines all over the world.

A saying goes like this-

“The Chinese eat everything with four legs, except tables, and everything that flies, except airplanes.” – Anon

The actual Chinese cuisine may take you by surprise by the range and variety of ingredients used. It has a distinctive culinary style of its own. The major emphasis goes to the usage of fresh, seasonal ingredient and it is prepared with minimum fuss by balancing the beautiful texture and color of the vegetables. All that is available in India in the restaurants is actually not exactly what the real Chinese eat.

Don't worry, if your taste buds are craving for the real Chinese food, you don't have to go far and wide to China in order to satiate your taste buds. This might make you wonder! Why?? Well, let me give you some insight about the Chinese community in India.

The information provided in Wikipedia says that Chinese People in India are divided into two communities with different origins and settlement. One is the immigrants from China and other is expatriate Chinese living in India for terms of usually 2-3 years. 2015 figures suggest that there are 4000 Chinese immigrants settled in India, and 5000-7000 Chinese expatriates living in India.

Chinese Indians today are basically settled in ethnic neighborhoods of Kolkata and Mumbai. The 3000 odd Chinese Indians staying in Eastern metropolitan bypass in Kolkata are an endangered community. This community started settling in Kolkata almost 250 years back.

This community has thrived all odds and has given a different hue to the Bengali culture in Kolkata. The indistinguishable street called Tiretti is the result of the Chinese population. A visit to The City of Joy is incomplete if you have not explored Kolkata’s Own little “China Town “in Tiretti Bazaar. Here one gets to experience the authentic Chinese breakfast! Doesn't it sound interesting?

The breakfast market comes alive as early as 5 in the morning and runs well past 9! The food is prepared and served by the local Chinese community. In the menu one can find dimsums, momos, fish soups, Thai pao, Sticky rice, Su Mei (pork/chicken pie), noodles and more along with Chinese Knick-knacks like prawn crackers. Tempting, aren't they? The price also is pretty light on one’s pocket, ranging from RS. 20-80. All of these are sold on the streets in makeshift stalls.

This community has given Kolkata a new edge over the regular street food of Kolkata like Fish kobiraji , phuchkas( paani puris), rolls, vegetable chop, tangra and more and making it a must visit place when, in Kolkata.