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How South Indian Food is Gaining Popularity in America

Mar 15, 2018

How South Indian Food is Gaining Popularity in America
How South Indian Food is Gaining Popularity in America | Credit: Moksha-Bellevue Website

If you run a search for south Indian restaurants in USA, you would be surprised at the results. There are more than 30 or 40 restaurants in New York alone that serve south Indian cuisine to their customers. There are several other states that have south Indian food in Orlando, Charlotte, New Jersey, North Carolina and in Chicago, Woburn, Seattle and many more places. So, proof enough that south Indian food has found its niche here.

Apart from the fact that there are many restaurants specializing in other types of well loved Indian cuisine such as Mughlai, Tandoori, Biriyanis and curries, vegetarian and non-vegetarian south Indian food has a growing demand across the USA. The immigrant Indian population are among the main customers for this type of cuisine and there are many native Americans as well as other origin citizens choosing to indulge in the southern Indian foods.

Supermarket shelves are lined up with south Indian spices, masalas, frozen foods, and heat and serve dishes. There are a range of restaurants that serve south Indian food including “fast foods” such as dosa, idli, vadas and thalis as well as A La Carte menus that offer Chettinad and Kerala style foods. These restaurants serve delicious seafood, soups, vegetarian, appetizers, chicken and mutton dishes for visitors at competitive pricing. Restaurants offer special deals, online orders, party catering, buffets, weekend specials, delivery services and other benefits to regular customers.

South Indian food has a distinct appeal for those who love Indian spices, coconut, curries, dosas, chutneys and the like. The thali is an all-time favourite with its rice, chapatis and varieties of dry and gravy offerings in vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes. The different varieties of rice dishes, combo meals and scrumptious desserts attract customers to the cafeterias and eateries.  Restaurants have adapted to the American palate by making dishes that are lightly spiced just enough to make it flavoursome and have home cooked appeal.

South Indian food definitely has a niche market in America and variety, flavours, spices and vegetarian and meat, fish and poultry choices are adding to its appeal across the nation. From lunch boxes, to curry plates, sides, beverages and deserts the southern India style restaurants are adapting to customer needs nicely.

Tourists, visitors from other states, local citizens, immigrant Indians and other ethnic origin citizens are among the different types of customers that visit these specialized Indian cuisine restaurants across USA. Some even have franchise offers for those who want to begin a new restaurant in any state.

If you have a desire for tasting upma, idly, different types of dosas, rasams or pullav or any type of south Indian food there are limitless choices in these Indian restaurants! Try them out!