Summer beauty essentials to beat the scorching heat and look radiant..!
Summer beauty essentials to beat the scorching heat and look radiant..! | Credit : Imblogger

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Summer beauty essentials to beat the scorching heat and look radiant..!

May 29, 2018

Must haves to look flawless all day long!

As the temperature is soaring, there are a few beauty hacks that are a must to keep yourself hydrated and fresh. As the days get hotter, every skin-type reacts to the sun differently. Here we will list a few summer beauty essentials that will keep your skin healthy and glowing.

1. Sunscreen: To keep away from the tan, use a sunscreen religiously. Make sure you know the perfect SPF depending on the humidity level and the temperature of the place you are staying in. In fact, you must also wear a sunscreen when you are indoors. The heat from the kitchen can have an adverse effect on your skin.

2. Blotting papers: The constant sweat can leave your skin pores blocked, resulting in pimples and acnes. To keep the skin pores from getting blocked, make sure you carry blotting papers whenever you are outdoors. They are handy and are an absolute essential during summers.

3. Body lotion: It is time to break away from the myth surrounding the use of body lotions during summers. To keep your skin hydrated, it is mandatory to use a body lotion. Make sure you use a milder variety like an aloe vera or a cucumber based lotion.

4. Scrub, anti-tan pack: Scrubbing is a must for a healthy skin. To get rid of dead cells, scrub your skin at least once a month. After scrubbing, make sure you moisturise your skin properly to avoid dry and dehydrated skin. For a flawless look during summers, make sure you use an anti-tan pack at least once a week.

5. Toners and Serums: Greasiness is a common problem that summers bring along. To keep the greasiness at bay, use serums on a regular basis. Toners help to prevent the open pores issue. It also makes the skin hydrated and soft.

6. Deodorant and perfumes: During summers, sweat and body odour are common problems. To keep yourself fresh all day long, make sure you use the right fragrance.

7. Waterproof makeup: If you like to wear makeup, then during summers make sure that you invest in the waterproof variety. There are varied range of cosmetics that you can opt for this summers. Wear waterproof makeup and you are set for your summer outings.

8. Smoothing spray, sea salt spray: It is tough to keep that lustrous mane healthy during summers. The sweat and humidity makes hair dry and frizzy. A smoothening and a sea salt spray are an absolute essential. Now get those flirty curls without worrying about the heat.

9. Lip balm: Lip balm is an absolute essential during summers. Make sure it is an SPF based lip balm. It keeps the lips hydrated and fresh all day long.

10. Protective hair mask: Summers can be extremely hard for your hair. The constant sweat and humidity makes the scalp itchy and irritable. Invest in a hair mask and make sure to use them every alternate day for maximum benefit.

11. Painted toe nails: Summer is the time when those pretty chappals and flip flops become a part of your everyday look. This is the time to gives your toes some colour. Go for bold colours and make a statement wherever you go.

12. Bronzer: This is the perfect makeup to wear if you wish to glam up your summer look. Use gold and light dusty blush colours on your skin and get that perfect glow for your summer outing.

Summers can be challenging, but a few beauty hacks will help you slay and look gorgeous wherever you go at whichever time of the day. Make this summer happening and beat the heat like a pro!!