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Salt: Importance of Keeping it to bare Minimum.

May 14, 2019

Salt: Importance of Keeping it to bare Minimum.
Salt: Importance of Keeping it to bare Minimum. | Photography: Almanac

Salt is our best friend who’s always always been there when we’re cooking our food. It makes our food taste nice and amazing

The Britannica Encyclopedia defines salt as a “Salt is essential to the health of both people and animals.” Indeed, salt is very important to our health! It does more than just make the food taste good. Why?

And salts that are found in the body are electrolytes. These salts possess a useful positive electrical charge. These electrolytes are vital for the function of our nerves and muscles and regulation of our heart and blood circulation.

And Britannica talks about another use, “The meat-packing, sausage-making, fish-curing, and food-processing industries use salt as a preservative or seasoning or both. It is employed for curing and preserving hides and as a brine for refrigeration.”

Is any wonder that the Britannica defines one type sodium chloride as, “a substance of great important”?

However, did you know that, though our best friend, salt can be a dangerous friend to our health?

Salt – a dangerous friend!

Yes, can be a dangerous friend. We have to think about the other side of our best friend. Knowing such facts about salt can help us to handle with caution. Why?

Though salt is our best that can always be there for there us and make our food taste nice, it can also be dangerous to our our health and that of our loved ones if misused!

If you are in the habit of eating too much salt, our best friend salt can be cruel and dangerous to you. They say, “Too much of anything is bad.” In fact, even sweet sugar when misused or eaten too much can be dangerous to our health. So please look at how dangerous salt can below. It can cause:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Heart failure
  • Stroke
  • Anxiety
  • Water retention
  • Muscle cramps
  • Liver problem
  • Swelling
  • Edema
  •  PMS

There are other problems that salt can bring when we often eat too much of it. It contributes large amounts of fluid in the body tissues. The results are not good as you can see below:

- Gout

- Kidney stones

- Gallbladder stones

- Arthritis 

- Rheumatism

More dangerous things that our best can cause

It is not likely that most in their sanity will eat or drink too much salt. Only people who don’t what they are doing will take too much salt such person who have slow mental development or dementia.

If somebody takes too much salt, give him water if he conscious.

If a person takes a lot of salt at once or for some days or weeks, it can overpower our body systems. This can include table salt, rock salt, high sodium foods like soy sauce.

Eating too much sodium is dangerous and can cause death. How? The chemistry behind this is that when there’s excessive salt in the blood stream, the cells send a lot of water to go and dilute it.

And in the process the cells are damaged. And if brain cells are destroyed, a person may have seizures or go into a coma. So our best can also be a poisonous friend!

Moderation is the key!

There’s nothing that we can do about this common salt, may we can reduce the intake of salt if we live an area where it may be difficult to find some alternative to eating another type of salt.

Some choose not to add any amount salt to food when they are eating. They train themselves to think that adding more salt to already cooked foods is not necessary at all. They train their tongue to enjoy food without too much salt. They have to come learn about the long-term effects eating too much and they always keep this in mind each time they are eating.

Teach your children about the how good and dangerous salt can be to our health. Train them to enjoy eating food with less salt.