Voila ! A Daily Dose of Three Cups of Green Tea
Voila ! A Daily Dose of Three Cups of Green Tea | Credit: Mike Kenneally

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Voila ! A Daily Dose of Three Cups of Green Tea

Jul 17, 2018

Green Tea, a Fad or a Fact. Is it the latest health super food or is a passing fad as many other diets in the realm of fitness and nutrition? It is time to put that to test.

Doctors, nutritionists, health forums, magazines, world over are hailing it as the latest in health revolution with myriad health benefits ranging from combating obesity, lowering weight, releasing anti-oxidants and lowering blood pressure, stabilising blood sugar levels by improving glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity and of course , what the entire world is fighting hard to combat, the unyielding belly fat.

Credit: Freestocks
Credit: Freestocks

Loaded with catechins, green tea which does not go through fermentation has the ability to ward-off free radicals and restore damaged cells. It retains it’s entirely of antioxidants and polyphenols and has known to be beneficial in prevention of cancer, if taken optimally. Body weight is essentially take care of with green tea having proven effect on body fat percentage and body mass index in just over three months. It is also known for discouraging cholesterol build up and circulatory disorders, thus having a beneficial role against cardiovascular diseases.

But all that for later. As of now, I started with baby steps in the first month my swapping my daily dose of three cups of ordinary tea with the virtually calorie-free cups of green tea taken equivalently, in a bid to manage my weight better and give me some health shots, without having to move too farther off from my work-desk. A month into it and I can vouch for the following benefits, so far

1. The first noticeable effect was on my alertness level and enhanced energy quotient which no doubt must be on account of the goodness of optimal dosages of manganese, selenium, chromium and zinc found in that cup of green tea.

2. Next thing I realised was that I, who was so prone to catch cough and cold amidst the change of season and enhanced pollution levels, feel less and less ill. The antioxidants present in the tea helped to increase my immunity level and keep viral diseases at bay.

3. My metabolism got an elevated boost, no doubt attributed to the high concentration of polyphenols. The weight that had just refused to budge off, now reciprocated better to diet and exercise.

Credit: Freephotocc
Credit: Freephotocc

4. Sitting in front if a computer screen took its own toll on my eyes. The Vitamin c and E, lutein and zeaxanthin present in the green tea is known to be absorbed by the retina and help improve vision and prevent glaucoma. As for me, my eyes felt less tired and I directly related it to the effect of having started on this new drink which was working wonders to reduce the stress of cellular oxidation, the main cause for visual degeneration.

5. I did not experience bloating or flatulence in this entire one month , though I do admit to have over-eaten on a couple of but a cup of green tea , at the end is known to aid digestion, on a whole and especially those erring occasions.

6. It came to me as a boon white letting my hair down and unwinding with my friends. As a teetotaller, my choices for health drink to be relished while out on a binge with friends was seriously limited. I hate anything sugary and that can be quite restrictive if you are out, ordering non-alcoholic drinks. Now, I could enjoy the best of both the worlds at one shot. Health and taste in the same cup, green tea has hence become my go-to beverage while out on a socialising spree. ( Just to ensure I do not run out of it, I carry my own green tea bags)

It’s stress-relieving properties perk up my mood and keep depression too, at bay.

With having committed myself to one serious health choice, it has now become more of a mind-set that overall, I indulge in more and more wholesome lifestyle changes geared to maintain my fitness and well-being.

Green tea is certainly no panacea for all health woes, in fact it could be lethal if taken beyond the limit of two to three cups per day, as routinely warned by dieticians and nutritionists. But consumed on an optimum level it is a great stress buster, bringing to you the glow of good health.