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Do you know even our Footwear leaves a Footprint on Ecology?

Sep 01, 2018

Do you know even our Footwear leaves a Footprint on Ecology?
Do you know even our Footwear leaves a Footprint on Ecology? | Credit: Shopwithmeaning

Footwear is an essential part of every person's attire. What started as an optional accessory in ancient times and became a status symbol in medieval times is today a part of everyday life. In fact, it is considered a basic necessity for people to wear footwear in-order to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

Apart from being a necessity, on another level, footwear is a fashion accessory.

For men and women alike, footwear defines their style and gives them confidence. From flip-flops, jutis, slip-ons, sneakers to high-heels, shoes, oxfords and boots, there are many categories of footwear today. Every outfit, in fact, warrants a specific type of footwear that will complete the look.

Credit: Pinterest
Credit: Pinterest

And, this means that a person will own multiple pairs of footwear at any point in time.

This brings us to the question of sustainability. When a person uses multiple pairs of footwear in his/her lifetime, it is mandatory to think of whether the footwear can be discarded safely or not. Sadly, a lot of footwear today is made up of non-biodegradable material and ends up clogging landfills and oceans. There is a pressing need to fulfil the requirement of eco-friendly footwear in our country as well as the world over.

So, let us look at a few footwear brands in India that have taken the initiative to produce footwear without causing harm to the environment or at least reduce the ill-effects of disposal of footwear.


Paaduks is a footwear brand that was started in 2013 by Jay and Jyotsna Rege. They have been making footwear from discarded tyres. This way, they have found a way to reduce pollution caused by the disposal of tyres as well as recycled the material into a useful product. Their footwear is stylish and durable. They work with talented cobblers and work for the uplifting of cobblers who have been plagued with issues of underpayment, lack of support and exploitation.

Apart from the recycled tyres and old rubber materials, the other parts of their footwear are made of natural materials such as cotton, jute and other vegan fabrics. The process of making footwear also does not involve any polluting chemical processes.

Credit: Csrbox
Credit: Csrbox


Kanabis is a vegan footwear brand founded in Delhi by Devika Srimal Bapna. It is a result of Devika’s own search for non-leather footwear of good quality. When she found out how animals are treated in the process of leather production, she was left heartbroken and decided to not but leather goods. 

But, she realised soon that there is a lack of alternate footwear that is stylish, durable and reasonably priced. This led her to quit her high-paying job in London and got her into running her own enterprise of making vegan footwear. Her brand makes footwear using materials such as canvas, fabric, jute and other leather-alternates. Kanabis footwear is definitely a reason for vegan footwear lovers to cheer.


Greensoles is a brand that was founded by Shriyans Bhandari and Ramesh Dhami. They are athletes who found that every year they were discarding many pairs of sports shoes and wanted to find a way to recycle the waste instead of contributing to pollution. They experimented with various processes of refurbishing the shows and finally found a way to make trendy pairs of footwear from the soles of discarded footwear. They turned their venture into a social venture by providing their products to children in need and are walking towards a goal of making sure that no person is without footwear in India by 2023. They have collection centres in various parts of India to collect old footwear.

In this way, they are making a positive social impact as well environmental impact through their venture.