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Have we lost it all? The art of letter writing

Feb 16, 2018

Have we lost it all? The art of letter writing
Have we lost it all? The art of letter writing | Credit: Lysons_Editions

“I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead”-  Mark Twain

When I think of letter writing, the thought engulfs me with a feeling of romanticism. With the word romanticism I just don’t mean that I get the feeling for the thought of writing a letter to my beloved, but for me the whole idea about writing on a paper with your own hand with a pen , gives a feeling of being truly connected, loved and well expressed.

I feel that when you write a letter using pen and paper the reader can surely feel the presence of the person who has written it. It seems to take you the place where you were together. Feeling nostalgic, reminiscing the days spent together.

I’m sure such feelings can never be felt when we send text messages, emails or exchange any form of digital communication. At least I don’t feel truly connected. As I write this article, it takes me back to my childhood days, where I remember how eagerly I would wait for letters,especially when my father used to be on a tour in a faraway land. Though we would hardly speak over the phone (since calling used to be a very costly affair), we, as in the whole family, used to feel totally connected.

Because of my father’s job change, we happened to shift from one place to another and that led to having many friends. And we would be well connected with the close ones through letters. We even had something called “Pen friends”. I’m sure many can connect to this.

It was not that long back. It has been maybe a decade since we left behind the art of writing a letter. I remember, even when the boom in the internet world was starting I used to love exchanging letters with my then fiancé (husband now). But nonetheless, it still holds a very special place in the heart of millions.

With the rapid change and advancement in technology, letter writing on paper is seemingly becoming scarce. The sudden change seems to have made us lose connections with old friends as we tried to get adjusted to the new era of digitalization.

There was a time letter when writing used to be the only form of communication, before the invasion of internet and different forms of telecommunication, where everyone far and wide seems to be connected instantaneously.

Since the response time has been reduced to immediate, most of us have shifted towards writing emails, sending text messages or even video calls. What a transition! Hundreds of years back there was tradition of sending letters through pigeons. Now can we even imagine sending letters like that? I’m sure the answer will be NO.

There is no denying that there are lot of advantages in modern ways of communication in this fast-paced life. But I hope with a sincere heart that the new generation gets the feel of the Art of Writing Letters. Because otherwise, I’m sure they will miss a very dear and rare feeling.