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Interesting hobbies for homemakers to take up in their free time

Feb 21, 2018

Interesting hobbies for homemakers to take up in their free time
Interesting hobbies for homemakers to take up in their free time | Credit: Roman Kraft

Hobbies according to me are not just to pass our leisure time but to keep us engaged both physically and mentally so that we feel relaxed and out of unnecessary thoughts and worries. I always like to be occupied. Even though nowadays women are employed there are some people who are homemakers . They feel satisfied with keeping their home and family members happy. But psychology says that home makers have many more dreams and wishes to be fulfilled when compared to the working women. This is because working women have relatively more financial independence. But whatever is the scenario, doing what she wishes is most important in a woman’s life.

“It’s great to have a hobby to keep your hands busy or you will feel bored”

The only thing that comes in our mind when we talk about home makers is that they watch serials during their leisure time. But it’s outdated now. There are so many hobbies to engage in and some of them yield them money too. Let’s have a look at some of the hobbies.

1. Cooking:

When you come across this heading you may think that what’s new in this because it is a basic skill. But if you get a chance to taste the meal or dish prepared by a passionate cook it tastes better. This is because cooking is wonderful when it is done with love and care. Homemakers take their own time to research about new dishes, their nutritional values and they also use their creative talent and experiment with new things in whatever they do.

2. Singing:

Sounds like the most common hobby. But, it adds value to yourself and creates a bond between the singer and the listener. Singing is always good as it relieves you from all the worries. It’s a great gift that relaxes both those who sing as well as those who listen.

3. Walking/Jogging:

Early morning walk is very good for our health according to research. We can see many women around the streets walking so briskly early in the morning. It gives a great feel when you go for a walk every morning.

4. Reading:

It’s always good to curl up with a good book. A book gives lot of positive energy and keeps us away from unwanted thoughts which normally occupies our mind when we are alone.

5. Learning a foreign language:

This is a new hobby. Women nowadays like to connect with more people and language should not be a barrier in doing so. Leaning a language now has become so easy through books, websites and so on.

6. Blogging:

Not only homemakers but everyone likes to blog. It’s so wonderful to share your thoughts, stories, knowledge and your passion with the other people. We feel so proud and important when we know that our thoughts are valued and appreciated by someone.

7. Video making:

Photography is a common hobby which most of us likes. But video making is quite different from this as it includes lot of creativity and implements our own styles. It gives us a feeling of having achieved something great.

8. Gardening:

Normally home makers long to have people around them to talk. They feel so lonely as everyone leaves to work. This feeling can be avoided when she engages herself in gardening. It’s great to be committed to grow your own veggies and decorate your lobby with the flowers from your own garden. Nowadays gardening does not require a big space and people those who live apartment can also grow a garden.

9. Volunteering:

There are women who would like to serve the people. Volunteering is a great way to help others and feel fulfilled.

10. Jewelry Making:

There are women who adore the beauty of shiny and sparkling jewelry. They have their unique way to make these items and gift them. Jewelry making is an art which gives pleasure to women.