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Lagori: The fun-filled childhood game that brings smiles to your face

Feb 09, 2018

Lagori: The fun-filled childhood game that brings smiles to your face
Lagori: The fun-filled childhood game that brings smiles to your face | Credit: Haragulaal Blog

Lagori is a traditional game played by two teams of people. It is one of the many traditional games which we have played during our childhood. Our childhood games take us to a golden period where we would want to stop our memories and try to connect our life. One such game is Lagori.

Lagori is famous across the world and is called by different names such as Teelo in Canada, Seven Tiles in Turkey, Haft Sang in Iran, Santracon in Afghanisthan and even in our country it is called in different names such as Lagori, Dilori Palli Patti, Pittu, Satoliya and so on.

The game involves a ball and 9 flat circular plastic dices. The two teams of the game are the breaker team and the defender team. The game is normally played in an open ground. The rule of the game is that the breaker has to bounce a ball at the pile of stones to knock them over. If they have knocked the pile of stones then the defender team has to restore the pile of stones. In this process, if the breaker team can hit the ball at one of the members of the defender team the game will continue without that person.

The game itself is so amusing and humorous. Just like all the other normal street games played with our neighbours and friends, Lagori is also very interesting and a good time pass.

Other than being a great time pass, Lagori is also played as official game. This game is promoted and controlled globally by an autonomous body called International Lagori Federation (ILF). In India, lagori is promoted by Amateur Lagori Federation of India (ALFI) under the guidance and supervision of ILF. ALFI is a national level body initiated to promote the sport Lagori in various parts of India. ALFI is currently being efficiently driven by Mr. Santhosh P. Gaurav, Mr. Sandeep Jadhav, Mr. Krishnakant Kobnar and Mr. Tushar Jadhav. ALFI has grown strong with addition of 300,550 players at school level and over 500 match officials within the country. It is spread across 24 states with their respective State Lagori Federation affiliated with ALFI. Lagori also has a very strong presence globally with more than 30 National Lagori Associations under ILF. ILF has developed a strong team of 159 match officials Internationally and 9125 International players across the globe.

The game when played as a casual game can be played as per the basic rules. But when it is played at national level and international level, there are certain additional rules to be followed. And these rules are as follows.

Clearly mark the boundary. If any of the seekers crosses it then he is out.

If the person trying to knock down the pile cannot do it in three tries then he is out.

If during any of the three tries, the thrower’s ball does not knock down the pile and is caught by the opponent after the first bounce then the thrower is out.

Each team contains equal number of players.

Piles of flat stones contain 7 stones.

The games has certain rules and regulations.

1. The games is played between two team of players with equal number of participants on both the teams.

2. Out of 12 players only 6 players are allowed to play on the court at a time.

3. The dimension of the court are: Length 81 feet x Breadth 45 feet.

4. The matches will be best of three sets and each set will last for 3 minutes.