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Turn your hobby into profession: Taking your dream to another plane

Mar 08, 2018

Turn your hobby into profession: Taking your dream to another plane
Turn your hobby into profession: Taking your dream to another plane | Credit: TheMuse Website

My own heroes are the dreamers, those men and women who tried to make the world a better place than when they found it, whether in small ways or great ones. Some succeeded, some failed, most had mixed results… but it is the effort that’s heroic, as I see it.”

 – George R. R. Martin

Life is like a dream if you turn your dream into your life. What I mean here is not just daydreaming, what I believe is that when you turn your passion to your profession, then life is like a dream come true. One may fear and never get there, but the ones who take fear in their stride live their dreams!

How wonderful it sounds, right? But people who have taken these challenges haven't got there in a whiff. The sail is a rough one. Only the ones with grit, determination and tenacity get to see the horizon. The leap, the decision, the dedication, the desire is surmountable.

While I was doing my research over the internet about people who took up their passion, it was just not few handfuls. There were many out there, much to look up to, for undying inspiration in every field.

Every human has a hobby, has an aptitude for something that is very close to his/her heart. Their favorite pastime can be anything from painting, sketching, cooking to anything vague. However, many don't have any desire to change their avocation into their vocation.

In many cases, hardly do they know that their skill might be very rare and marketable. Even if we realize how expensive our pursuit could be, we tend to be hazed about its application in the real time. If you are one of the people who have the zest and the feel that you could be the one, then here are a few innuendos to follow:

  1. Spare some time i.e. good quality time to do the groundwork before quitting your 9-5 job. Calculate the amount of time you could give in a week. If it's too less then sacrifice something else to pump in time in this activity.
  2. Be well prepared to ruin your leisure time.
  3. Do a thorough market research. Create a network. Lookout for the category of your prospective buyers.
  4. Maximize on your talent. Study and do brainstorming with your close ones.
  5. Chalk out a basic business plan, after doing market research.
  6. You can mark your presence online.
  7. Last but not the least make sure that everything is legal.

Though all this might sound very taxing, it's not way far from the reality. For dreamers sky is the limit.

To give you a little more of a moral boost let's talk about a few people who broke all the barriers to live their dreams.

Credit: LiveInStyle Website
Credit: LiveInStyle Website

Priya Jain: founder of Mishikrafts

Priya loved DIY and used to be fascinated by soaps. She left her media job as senior producer, team lead and reporter with a news channel, and took a leap forward in starting her own business of handmade soaps.

Credit: Asianet Website
Credit: Asianet Website

Pooja Rao: owner at Transform Pilates:

she quit her HR job to follow what she loved to do. She was passionate about fitness. She underwent training and got certified as a Pilates Instructor. Now she owns her dream.

Credit: ConflatingVisions Website
Credit: ConflatingVisions Website

Sandhya Parthasarathy: Cake My Heart

She was a passionate baker and would bake for her family and friends and would spend more time in the kitchen than coding. Realizing this she quit her high paying job of a software engineer.

Credit: Better Brains Website
Credit: Better Brains Website

Krithika Kumar and Nick Ratterman: founders at Better Brains

This husband and wife duo, were research scientists at Cornell. They quit their job to start a brain fitness center focused on sharpening the mind and providing cognitive enrichment.

The above mentioned people are from varied backgrounds, but tenacious dreamers. They brought their dreams to life. There's many more, so get inspired and get ready to change your life.