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Start differently: New Year resolutions To better Yourself.

Jan 01, 2019

Start differently: New Year resolutions To better Yourself.
Start differently: New Year resolutions To better Yourself. | Credit: Mariner Finance

We don’t know who came up with the idea of New Year resolutions first but it has stuck on for sure. In fact, resolutions have become synonymous with New Year. Even though this is clichéd, it is a good thing if you look at it. Taking control of our lives and thinking of what to do to make the next year better than the last is a great way to start every year. As we get ready to ring in another great year shortly, we are sure to think of resolutions that are necessary for our lives. While resolutions like losing weight, getting in shape, getting ahead in your career or waking up early are common, let us look at some basic resolutions that can make our lives happier and more fulfilling.

Learn more

All of us have had so many dreams in our minds. We probably had the most number of dreams as kids and wanted to learn a lot of things that piqued our curiosity early on in our lives. However, a lot of these get ignored as we grow up.

We can take one such childhood dream of learning something new and start learning it this year. It could be learning to play an instrument, dance or play a sport. Whatever it is, go for it!

Lesser judgements

No one likes to be judged. We cringe inside when people around us make fun of our choices in life and yearn for approval from our loved ones. This is the basic nature for many of us. However, we do not give a second thought when we arrive at snap judgements about others. So, let us resolve to stop our thoughts when we start to judge other people and accept people around us for who they are.

Accept yourself

In line with the previous resolution, let us resolve to accept ourselves as well. Because, let us face it, we do treat ourselves harshly sometimes and have a hard time accepting who we really are. It is wise to accept that as long as we do not cause harm to anyone else or to the environment around us, we have the freedom to be whoever we want. So, take a deep breath and let yourself be.

More smiles

We often get entangled in day-to-day problems that eventually affect our peace of mind in the long run.

We may think of ourselves as peace-loving people but without our knowledge we hold negative opinions or even grudges on people around us. This takes a lot of energy away from us and makes us unhappy. 

So, this New Year, let us decide to be aware of our thoughts and concentrate on brining more smiles to ourselves and to people around us by simplifying our thoughts and our lives.

Invest in inner peace

In the race that we run every single day from morning till evening, we often forget to spend quality time to enrich our inner selves. We think that we can spend time for ourselves once we achieve all our goals in our life. However, this is not how things work. The reality in life is that the present moment is all that we have in hand. So, let us try to make each moment count and invest in our own happiness and peace of mind every single day. It may be a quiet walk in the park, reading your favourite books or anything that gives you a sense of happiness. Resolving to do one such thing every day will make sure that you have a great day each and every day.