Treasure your Mother tongue like your Mother.
Treasure your Mother tongue like your Mother. | Photography: Theconversation

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Treasure your Mother tongue like your Mother.

Feb 21, 2019

India is a country that is brimming with different cultures, traditions and languages. The Indian constitution officially recognises 23 languages in the country. But, there are hundreds of dialects and scripts with varying antiquities. Our country is home to two classical languages – Tamil and Sanskrit, which have been around for several thousand years! Every language brings its own culture and traditions that make India practically a whole new country for every 100 kms that you travel. This kaleidoscope of beauty has always been our strength. Our unity in diversity truly unites us and enriches us.

Today is the International Mother Tongue Day and it is celebrated with a lot of love for each person’s own language by people around the world. It bears special significance in India where so many languages co-exist. The Mother Tongue Day was declared in the year 2000 and it is a day that commemorates the Bengali Language Movement in 1952.

With rising concerns in our country about languages becoming extinct, it is time for us to make sure that we never forget our mother tongue. We might need English for certain aspects of our lives. But, our mother tongue should never be abandoned.

Here are some reasons why our mother tongue will remain the most powerful language in our lives.

It is the connection to our culture

Our mother tongue is what directly connects to out rich culture and community. It keeps us rooted and makes sure that we never forget where we are from and who we are. As we speak our mother tongue, we will invariably learn a lot about our culture and get to know epic stories and philosophies that are connected to our language.

It has shaped the way we think

 Researchers in the field of psychology and anthropology agree that there is a connection between the way we think and the language that we speak. With India being a powerhouse of intellectuals and highly renowned scientists, artists, etc, we don’t need to analyse too long to know that our languages definitely foster good brain development and encourage thoughts of well-being.

It unites us in foreign lands

True happiness is found and the real value of our mother tongue is ironically seen when we go to foreign lands and yearn for someone from our community to just speak our language. We have all become global citizens now.

Although we are well-equipped to speak foreign languages today, there is a gush of happiness and satisfaction that hits us when we bump into people speaking our mother tongue and join the conversation.

It is an identity to carry with pride

When you get to know about the legacy of your mother tongue, your chest will beam high in pride. There are many heroes in every culture in India who have selflessly worked in all spheres of the society like science, arts, social work, etc and have accumulated a lot of respect for themselves as well as the language that they speak. Knowing that we belong to the same community as such heroes is definitely a matter of great pride for us. Many of these heroes have also played a spectacular role in the freedom struggle and are worshipped in their respective communities.

Let’s face it, we love it

No matter how much we try to sound cool by talking in English, we all love the way our own languages sound. We actually feel much cooler when we are able to speak, read and write our own language and also get a sense of pride when we speak our mother tongue flawlessly. What else can match this happiness?