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The most offbeat adventurous places in India: Darjeeling!

Jan 25, 2018

The most offbeat adventurous places in India: Darjeeling!
The most offbeat adventurous places in India: Darjeeling! | Credit: Donvikro

Darjeeling is a town situated in West Bengal, best known for its serene nature. We know Darjeeling for its tea, but it's not just tea that Darjeeling has to offer us. It is now in the list of must-go places in India for its beauty. The hit definitely being the snow clad peaks of the Kanchenjunga mountain ranges, it is indeed one among the UNESCO world heritage sites! What we do not know about Darjeeling is the number of adventures one can experience. It is an upcoming hub for adventure sports in North India. It never fails to amaze you!

1. Paragliding

One of the most popular adventure sports in Darjeeling, a boon for acrophillics, one can opt for private paragliding as well if enough technology, skills and instruments are available. Otherwise, there are private guides as well as an adventure club that can help you paraglide in Darjeeling. Usually, the taking off point is at Jalapahar or Jamuney which gives us a beautiful backdrop of the snowy Kanchenjunga ranges. The landing takes place at the Lebong ground.

2. White water rafting

Lately, Darjeeling is getting pretty popular for its water sports as well. Although famous for the hill ranges, one can not afford to miss Teesta River in Darjeeling. It gives us a fabulous view of nature’s bounty and plenty of goosebumps as well.

3. Trekking

One of the most favourite adventure sport, trekking is indeed available in this hilly town. Various trek paths are available across Darjeeling, most famous being the trek towards the Everest base camp. Other trek paths include Tonglu trek, Sundakphu and Sanglila trek, Phalut trek, Dzongri and Goechung treks. Some of these treks take almost a week to complete and a few others can be done by casual trekkers and take a day or two to complete. Camping at such sites is also a hot new favourite thing to do among the tourists in Darjeeling.

4. Safaris

As Darjeeling is known for its rich flora and fauna, taking a safari seem to be a great option for all the animal lovers. These safaris can be taken up in all kinds of vehicles, from jeeps to super utility vehicles. On a safari to Sandakphu and Phalut one can see four of the five highest peaks of the world namely Mt. Everest, Makalu, Kanchenjunga, and Lhotse. One can also see many other picturesque peaks of Sikkim, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.  If one visits Darjeeling in the right time of the year, one can see alluring flowers like the Rhododendrons, giant magnolias and orchids. A whopping number of 600 types of Orchids can also be seen. Safaris to Singalila National park and Mahananda wildlife sanctuary are equally breathtaking.

Not only the above listed adventure sports but sports like Canoeing, rock climbing, bike riding in mountains, zorbing and hot air balloon riding are also available in Darjeeling.

Now, do not forget to add Darjeeling in your list, all you adventure lovers out there!!!