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All you need to Know for a fun Road trip from Bangalore to Goa!

Sep 03, 2018

All you need to Know for a fun Road trip from Bangalore to Goa!
All you need to Know for a fun Road trip from Bangalore to Goa! | Credit: Flickr

Road trip from Bangalore to Goa is adventurous with natural wonders strewed across all of its scenic routes. Distance from Bangalore to Goa is 560 kilometres with 9 and a half hours of drive time and NH48 is in decent condition and well-maintained. Self-hire cars are available online, as travelling by car would be the best but bikes and buses can also make a beautiful journey. Best time to visit Goa is between November and March as Goa has some interesting festivals and activities to enjoy on the glistening sands. Moreover, weather is cool and pleasant in the months of November till March however many people choose monsoons for a road trip to Goa, as the spectacular vistas along the road get lovelier during monsoons. If we talk about activities, football is consistent through the year in Goa which is popularly known as Tourist football. Avid bikers can plan their overnight stays in advance considering the length of the route. Bus fare starts from Rs. 1000 onwards for non-AC to AC buses if we consider taking a route via private buses. Online car hire rentals come with good offers and bargaining can be done and round trips are included.



Many people take tours from Bangalore to Goa during their vacation and it isn’t a tough journey as there are regular low-cost carriers shuttling and night bus services available. People also choose this road trip to celebrate for various other occasions such as their marriage ceremony, birthday, team outings from offices, etc. People start booking hotels a few months prior to their visit to avoid any inconvenience during their visit. January is a peak season in Goa and if you don’t book accommodation in advance then you might find it tough to get the accommodation of your own choice. You should refer to a Goa tour guide if you are going there in a peak season.

The beach parties at the stunning beaches of Goa is an amazing experience and Goa offers a beautiful travel experience that can be explored by riding on a scooter, or the whole day can be spent at the beach.

People start making preparations and get ready for a car travel a week before their journey from Bangalore to Goa. They change the headlamps of their car for example, from stock to XD and install fog lamps as they might need to travel during night or early morning. They get thorough servicing including all regular checkups to avoid any unpleasant situations such as a breakdown. Tourists also pack a lot of food and store a number of songs to enjoy their journey.

Many people prefer to start their journey in the evening and try to drive as many hours as possible before calling it a day and Hubli can be chosen as a night stay or if they are able to reach Devangere, then they will have enough time for a pleasant and leisurely drive through the beautiful Western Ghats.  

A journey can be taken to view one of the most wonderful vistas of the west coast. A waterfall can be admired and gorgeous sea can be viewed by stopping anywhere and delicious local food can be enjoyed.

A few suitable routes to enjoy the beauty while travelling on a road trip from Bangalore to Goa are

Route 1: Hubli–Anmod Ghat Route

Bangalore -> Tumkur -> Chitradurga -> Hubli -> Dharwad -> Ramnagar -> Anmod -> Panaji

Route 2: The Karwar Route

Bangalore -> Nelamangala -> Tumkur -> Chitradurga -> Sirsi -> Ankola -> Karwar -> Panaji

Route 3: The Belgaum Route

Bangalore -> Nelamangala -> Tumkur -> Chitradurga -> Belgaum -> Chorla Ghat -> Panaji