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New-age journey with the old-age Grandma!

Apr 29, 2019

New-age journey with the old-age Grandma!
New-age journey with the old-age Grandma! | Photography: Theindependent

It’s exciting to travel with granma! And one beautiful thing about granma is that she’s an interesting and humorous individual who wants to have a good time just like everyone else!

But to enjoy travelling with her, here are some tips to help you.

Plan your trip together

Don’t do the planning without grandmother. Plan the trip together in advance. Involve her in everything you do. Talk about personal preferences when it comes to favourite places, lodges, hotels, foods and eating places in India. Ask her about things she enjoys when travelling. Ask her about what sort of places she’d like to visit.

Other things plan in advance:

- Dinner reservations

- Purchasing any tickets you can get ahead of time

- Arranging for a wheelchair if grandma is immobile or arrange assistance before arriving at the airport

- Wheelchair accessibility

- Stairway concerns

- Taking long distance walks

- When booking a flight, choose a disability option

Do not rush your journey!

When we travel, we want to take things slowly. There’s no need to rush. We want to enjoy everything at a reasonable pace. If, for example, you go sight-seeing, we don’t just want to move from area to another area without really noticing those wonderful plants, beautiful birds, and amazing sunsets of India.

And in this modern world of smart phones, take your time to take pictures and make memories! You’ll cherish these memories later!

Also when travelling with old granma, plan time:

  • To relax
  • To enjoy a long and good lunch
  • To take a nap
  • To enjoy talking and joking together
  • To let her tell you beautiful stories

Enjoy what granma enjoys

Don’t insist on enjoying what you just enjoy as a young person.

  1. If your grandma enjoys being with people and friends, enjoy that with her!
  2. If granma enjoys a certain food or notorious drink, go the best restaurant and enjoy that with her!
  3. If she enjoys food with hot chilli or drinking hot tea, enjoy with her.
  4. If granma enjoys going to certain places in India, go with her.

Let granma feel brand new!

Sometimes granma might think that her days of playing or travelling are over. She might think that she’d rather be home than go travelling in India to have a good time. But once she agrees to travel with you, try this:

  • Make sure she feels brand new while travelling with her!
  • Let her remember the days of youth and forget her days of old age - at least for a while!
  • When you’re back home, let her continue feeling refreshed and brand new!

Take her to a place she’s never been to

One of the finest things that can make granma enjoy travelling with you is by taking her to a place where she’s never been to. She might be old, but there are places in India where she’s never been before.

It could be:

- A new resort area

- A game reserve for animals

- A new eating place, hotel or a tourist attraction site deemed as one of the best in India

Think about granma’s health!

With age, come aches and pains. So remember to check with the clinic or hospital to make sure you take medicine for grandmother. Without taking this into consideration, your journey could be ruined by her feeling unwell. That might spoil the joy of your trip.

Other things to consider about her health are:

Buying travel insurance in case of serious medical issues or emergency compels you to cancel the trip

Physical limitations of granma so that you continue enjoying your vacation

Do not treat granma like a child

When people grow old, certain cultures believe that they go back to childhood. What they mean is that they lose their thinking ability and become like a little child for whom we make decisions.

But remember this:

  1. The older we grow, the wiser we become
  2. So treat your granma with dignity and respect
  3. Ask her for her wise advise and suggestions concerning your travel
  4. You’ll be surprised by what she’ll contribute to the enjoyment of the travel!

Simply enjoy yourself with granma!

Have fun with granma! One good thing is that older persons are interesting and humorous characters who want to have a good time.

  • Don’t forget the purpose of your trip is to have a good time with granma.
  • You want to make this trip memorable enjoyable. It’s true that grandmother will complain about certain things.
  • You’ll need to listen to her concerns, determine how serious her concerns are, and find solution quickly.
  • Sometimes women just want someone to listen to them!
  • Whatever happens, simply enjoy travelling with your awesome granma!

So enjoy travelling with your grandamother on your next vacation!