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  • This Woman scaled the Everest at 53 and Age is just a Number for Her!

This Woman scaled the Everest at 53 and Age is just a Number for Her!

Jun 01, 2018

This Woman scaled the Everest at 53 and Age is just a Number for Her!
This Woman scaled the Everest at 53 and Age is just a Number for Her! : Credit : Indian Express

Age is just a number

Still, there is definitely a long way to go. Between personal situations and the realities of an evolving society, women of our country find inspiration amidst their own kind. Whenever a woman in our country achieves a milestone, it is celebrated and it inspires millions of other women.

One such example of grit and determination winning over odds and inspiring other women is Sangeeta Bahl. This 53 year old former model scaled the Mt. Everest on May 19th, 2018 and became a role model for fitness and courage.

Originally from Jammu and Kashmir, Sangeeta lives in Gurugram with her husband who is a mountaineer himself. She has already scaled six of the seven highest peaks in the world and now with her taking over Mt. Everest as well, she has broken the record set by Premlata Agarwal to become the oldest Indian woman to scale the Everest.

She successfully completed the climb in her second attempt. She had given up on her first attempt when she suffered from high-altitude sickness but she boldly attempted again to succeed. After her climb, she thanked all of her supporters and well wishers for their encouragement on social media.

The champion mountaineer credits her family for their constant support too and tweeted that her mother and mother-in-law were the happiest to receive her at the airport post her successful climb.

Apart from the climb being a personal victory for her, she also dedicated her achievement to raise awareness about the early detection of breast cancer and her message was that we need to work on raising funds for breast cancer detection.

She is a wife, a mother, and an entrepreneur too and she dons all these hats with pride. She is testimony to the fact that women are the superheroes in real-life and possess immense strength to juggle various complex roles simultaneously. Her achievement is truly a celebration to all women.

Sangeeta is an inspiration to women and proves that age is really just a number. Anything is possible with the right training and support and there is no need to hold back your dreams on account of your gender, your age or any other divisions that we have created in our minds.

It is heartening to see that in India, more and more people are taking up the highly laborious task of scaling the Mt. Everest. According to official data, around six dozen Indians have scaled the world’s tallest peak. This makes us the second country with the most number of mountaineers who have scaled the Everest. The first country remains the US.