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Doing the Dishes is all you Need to Woo your Wife!

Mar 04, 2019

Doing the Dishes is all you Need to Woo your Wife!
Doing the Dishes is all you Need to Woo your Wife! | Photography: India

It’s very true that things have changed so much when it comes to sharing work between women and men in some Indian households and that’s commendable.

But there’s a saying that says, ‘If there’s one room that is never filled in life, it’s the room for improvement.’ As men, we still need to make some improvements. And this is true because women are still doing more household chores than men in India.

Therefore, it makes sense to look at why women are still doing more chores than men. It’s important to look at benefits of doing house chores as men and how we can share chores with our dear women.

Why women are doing more house chores

  • The other thing is that there are still some sections of our society that treat women with less respect and consideration, who treat women as servants or people beneath them. They believe that housework is for women not for men. And this may contribute to women doing more chores than men.
  • Men spend more time on the Internet or watching TV and less time helping with house chores. Granted, there’s nothing wrong in watching the TV or using the internet. We live in a modern world in which much of the news or information is obtained through the internet or TV. And there’s nothing wrong in watching your favourite team or movie. But, this should not be used as an excuse by men.

Women who are full-time wives work from morning till evening. And even when husbands come home, wives continue preparing meals for them, doing dishes and cleaning. This could be the contributing factor to unequal sharing of household chores between women and men.

  • Additionally, our dear homemaker women spend much time taking care of children, taking kids to school and picking them up, washing them, washing their clothes, and preparing meals for them. And when their husbands come from work, they continue preparing food for them and children.
  • Couples that stay with the husband’s mother do more house?work. Since these couples live in a house of the husband’s family, a young married woman may perform most of the house chores – cooking, doing dishes, washing clothes, and perhaps fetching water and so on.

It’s believed that it’s the responsibility of a young wife to do most chores. As far as the in-laws are concerned, that’s what’s expected of her even in this day and age. Yes, it is appalling. 

If this is the situation, then we need to think about the wonderful benefits of helping our women with housework.

Benefits of helping your dear woman

Our attitude as men still needs to improve in the way we show love, consideration, kindness to our precious wives when sharing housework. This is the first step in helping your precious woman. Why?

  • A wife feels loved and cared for to be in a marriage where her husband helps her with cooking, dishes, and cleaning e.t.c.
  • She is happier and healthier.
  • The couple is more united and peaceful.
  • In turn, she’s more loving and respectful to her husband.
  • She’s well rested and feels ready for those moments of intimacy and romance.
  • Women generally feel it’s romantic to see a man cooking in the kitchen or doing dishes!

How you can help your previous woman

It takes a loving and humble man to acknowledge that a woman is so precious in his life. ‘Behind every successful man, there’s a supportive woman.’ And such a man is always looking for ways to love, appreciate and help his woman. He also looks for ways to help her with chores.

And here are some ways to do so:

  • Treat your wife as the most precious person in your life.
  • Have a heart to heart discussion with her about ways in which you want to help with the household chores despite your busy work schedule.
  • Choose a time when she’s relaxed and calm. Talk about this in a cool and calm voice.
  • Start by commending her for her hard work in doing house chores.
  • Humbly apologize for not doing your best in helping her with chores in the past.
  • Tell her how you’d love to see her happy by helping with chores.
  • After this discussion, always take initiative to perform house chores like cooking, doing dishes, cleaning before she asks for help.
  • When it’s time for household chores, put her interest ahead of yours e.g. watching your nice TV movie or favourite game.
  • Volunteer to buy food items and other things on your way back home from work
  • Do some babysitting when she’s carrying out household chores.

When you help your woman with house chores, you’ll reap wonderful benefits!